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CALL +91-96430 15697 FOR ASSISTANCE

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."  

- Mahatma Gandhi -

Helping patients is our passion. In this, we take keen interest in assisting patients with cancer and patients needing high-end surgeries, including but not limited to heart bypass, joint replacement, organ transplant, tumour resection and so on.


Incase you or anyone you know are in the need of any cancer or surgical treatment, you can call us for any or all of the below:


1. Second Opinion - This may help you know whether or not you are on the right treatment path and if there are any alternative treatment options available that could be more effective and cost friendly. Associated with us are 500+ prominent doctors with over 15 years of experience from every specialty from across India to guide you on this.


2. Treatment Information - Here you may call to know what the treatment / surgery may involve, what could be the total treatment cost, who would be the best doctor / hospital for your treatment, what would be the success rate, how soon you will be able to recover from the illness / treatment and so on.


3. Hospital Assistance - Don't know anyone in the hospital you want to get the treatment at? Do not worry. We can help you with your appointment and hospitalisation. We have strong links and relations with almost all the good hospitals across India.


If needed, one of our patient care volunteers can join you in the hospital to guide and assist you at every point, ensuring you do not have to go through any hassle. Additionally, he can also help you with a hotel / guest house should you wish to stay nearby the hospital during the course of the treatment.

Doctor and Patient


Smart Phone Call


  • Call the helpline (+91-9643015697)

  • Let us know what information / assistance you are looking for

  • Share the relevant details / medical reports via WhatsApp / email


Online Shopping


  • Pay the service fee

  • Second Opinion - Rs. 1000

  • Treatment Information - Rs. 200

  • Hospital Assistance - Rs. 500 / visit

  • Service fee can be paid through Paytm, online bank transfer

Video Consultation


  • Second Opinion within 24 hours (video call)

  • Treatment Information within 24 hours

  • Hospital assistance as and when needed





Nisha Khan, Jabalpur

My local doctor was wrong. He said I needed a surgery. Scared me, I called Indian Health Bureau (IHB) to take a second opinion. The doctor there advised me some exercises and I feel so good now. It's been over six months now and I am leaving a normal, pain-free life.

Thank you IHB for providing the necessary guidance.


Shilpi Sharma, Mumbai

I strongly recommend all the cancer patients to go for a second opinion before starting the treatment. Cancer treatment may involve surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and sometime you may get a biased opinion depending on the specialty you have met. Good to choose a neutral platform like IHB. I did and I believe I did right.


Bhusan Singh, Agra

My doctor advised me to travel to Delhi for my kidney transplant. Just one call to Indian Health Bureau (IHB) and from hospital to hotel, everything got organised. They were with there to guide and assist me during my consultation, investigations and admission. Even discharge and review was coordinated by them.

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