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AIIMS Introduces AI-Driven Cancer Detection System"

In a strategic partnership with the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), Pune, AIIMS, New Delhi, has introduced an AI platform. The platform aims to enhance early cancer detection, addressing the global surge in cancer cases. As per the Global Cancer Observatory, India ranks third globally in incident cancer cases, emphasizing the urgency for advanced diagnostic tools.

A Lancet study projects a 57.5% surge in cancer cases to 2.08 million by 2040 in India. In 2022, over 8 lakh deaths were attributed to cancer, primarily due to late detection. Globally, 80% of late-reported cases have only a 20% survival rate, emphasizing the critical role of early diagnosis in reducing fatalities. Manual cancer diagnosis faces challenges like false negatives, underscoring the need for advanced diagnostic solutions.

AI plays a pivotal role in minimizing false negatives, as per AIIMS Delhi. The platform utilizes advanced deep learning models to analyze intricate medical data, ensuring unprecedented accuracy.

Designed for continuous improvement, the platform's self-learning capability adapts as clinical and imaging data expand. AIIMS initiates the platform's application in breast and ovarian cancers, addressing prevalent issues among Indian women.

AIIMS plans to collaborate with various cancer hospitals and research centers in India, leveraging the ease of deploying this indigenous technology. The platform is a successful outcome of collaborative research and development between the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, AIIMS, New Delhi, and CDAC, Pune.

Inspired by its achievements, the AI platform has now been deployed in five district hospitals nationwide.

Sources -The Economic Times



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