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Ayurveda: Stop Mixing Hot and Cold Water!

In a surprising turn for many, health experts are cautioning against the common practice of mixing hot and cold water for drinking. Rooted in the principles of traditional health systems like Ayurveda, the advice highlights several potential health risks and offers alternative solutions for optimal hydration.

Digestive Impact

  • Cold Water: Considered heavy to digest.

  • Hot Water: Known to be light and aids digestion.

  • Mixing: Can lead to indigestion.

Bacterial Contamination

  • Hot Water: Generally free from bacteria.

  • Cold Water: May contain bacteria.

  • Mixing: Potentially introduces bacterial contamination.

Digestion and Nutrient Absorption

  • Hot Water: Enhances digestion, clears channels, and promotes nutrient absorption.

  • Cold Water: Can hinder these processes.

  • Mixing: Neutralizes these benefits, causing bloating and weaker digestion.

Effect on Blood Vessels

  • Hot Water: Dilates blood vessels, promoting circulation.

  • Cold Water: Constricts blood vessels.

  • Mixing: Can lead to potential blockages and reduced effectiveness in aiding digestion.

Metabolic Activation

  • Hot Water: Activates metabolism.

  • Mixed Water: Less effective in promoting metabolism and aiding bodily functions.

Therapeutic Qualities

  • Boiled Water: Gains therapeutic qualities.

  • Mixed Water: Loses these qualities.

A Better Alternative: The Earthen Pot

Health experts suggest turning to a time-tested alternative: using an earthen pot for drinking water. This method offers several benefits:

  • Natural Cooling and Purification: Keeps water naturally cool and purified.

  • Enhanced Mineral Content: Improves the water's mineral content.

  • Consistent Temperature: Maintains a consistent, moderate temperature.

  • Aligned with Ayurvedic Principles: The gentle cooling effect of clay is considered more beneficial according to Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic principles advocate for water that is balanced in temperature, neither too hot nor too cold, providing a more comfortable and health-promoting drinking experience.



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