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Fake Cancer Drug Racket Uncovered in Delhi

The Delhi Police have exposed a large-scale fake drug operation in the upscale DLF Greens in west Delhi’s Moti Nagar. The manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit cancer and chemotherapy drugs were unveiled after a thorough investigation by the crime branch.

The accused allegedly filled empty vials with anti-fungal medicine worth ₹100 and sold them as "life-saving" cancer drugs across India, China, and the US for ₹1 to 3 lakh per vial. The operation reportedly lasted over two years, during which the accused sold more than 7,000 such injections.

According to a TOI report, Special Commissioner Shalini Singh stated that a crime branch probe revealed how individuals from various fields formed a nexus to target patients not only from Delhi and neighboring states but also from other countries.

A key player, Viphil Jain from Baghpat, who ran the operation in Moti Nagar, played a significant role. Despite lacking formal education, Jain orchestrated a sophisticated network. He, along with associates Parvez and Neeraj Chauhan, capitalized on the high cost of cancer medications by refilling empty vials with Fluconazole, an anti-fungal drug.

Neeraj Chauhan, a graduate with a background in medical transcription and management in oncology departments, joined forces with Jain to expand the operation. With his expertise, Chauhan attracted clients with promises of affordable "chemo injections," even running a medical tourism company to target international patients seeking cancer treatment in India.

Parvez, an ex-pharmacist at a reputed cancer hospital in Delhi, played a crucial role in sourcing empty vials for the operation. He, along with Komal Tiwari and Abhinay Kohli, employees of a Delhi-based cancer hospital, provided empty vials to Jain at a significant profit margin.

The Delhi Police, after an extensive two-year operation, arrested seven individuals, including Suraj from West Bengal, who was the caretaker of the flats used for manufacturing the fake drugs.

Authorities seized three cap-sealing machines, a heat gun, 197 empty vials, ₹50,000, and $1,000 in cash from the manufacturing site. Additionally, 519 empty bottles and 864 packaging boxes were recovered from Neeraj Chauhan's flat in Gurugram.

The accused have been booked under charges of selling adulterated drugs, cheating, forgery, and criminal conspiracy. The investigation is ongoing to uncover the full extent of the operation and bring all perpetrators to justice.

This disturbing discovery underscores the importance of stringent regulatory measures to prevent such illicit activities that endanger the lives of innocent patients seeking treatment. Authorities are urging the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities related to the sale and distribution of medicines.

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