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India: Affordable, High-Quality Medical Tourism Hub

India is rapidly emerging as a prime destination for medical tourism, attracting a large number of international patients seeking affordable and high-quality medical care. Ranking 10th globally on the Medical Tourism Index (MTI) for 2020-2021, the country is projected to welcome 7.3 million medical tourists in 2024, according to Crisil, a credit rating agency.

Growth of Medical Tourism in India

The significant increase in medical tourism can be attributed to several factors:

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Medical treatments in India are considerably more affordable than in many Western countries.

  • Quality Care: Indian hospitals are known for their high standards of care, modern technology, and highly skilled medical professionals.

  • Specialized Treatments: India offers specialized treatments in areas such as cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, and organ transplants (e.g., knee and liver transplants).

Infrastructure and Initiatives

To accommodate and attract more medical tourists, Indian states are enhancing their infrastructure and regulatory frameworks:

  • Hyderabad: Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy announced plans to establish a medical and health tourism hub spread over 1,000 acres in Telangana.

  • Pune: Former Union Minister of State for Tourism, Shripad Naik, highlighted Pune’s potential as a medical tourism hub due to its advanced medical facilities and growing reputation.

Diverse Medical Services

India's medical tourism sector is not limited to conventional medical treatments. The country is also renowned for its alternative therapies:

  • Kerala: Known for its ayurvedic treatments, Kerala has carved out a niche in wellness tourism.

  • Rishikesh and Mysuru: These cities are famous for yoga and holistic healing practices, attracting tourists seeking physical and mental wellness.


India's combination of affordable, high-quality medical care, advanced technology, and a wide range of treatment options, from conventional to alternative therapies, makes it an attractive destination for medical tourists. As states continue to develop their infrastructure and promote their healthcare capabilities, the influx of medical tourists is expected to grow, solidifying India's position as a global leader in medical tourism.



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