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Indigenous CAR-T Cell Therapy Saves Indian from Cancer at Fraction of International Cost

In a groundbreaking development, India's drug regulator, the Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO), sanctioned the commercial employment of CAR-T cell therapy a few months back. The efficacy of this pioneering therapy has been underscored by the remarkable recovery of Dr. (Col) V K Gupta, who had previously accessed the therapy, has emerged as a living testament to its life-saving potential.

Remarkably, access to this cutting-edge therapy came at a fraction of the cost compared to international standards. While the therapy typically demands a hefty price tag of INR 4 crore ($480,000) abroad, Dr. Gupta availed it for just INR 42 lakh ($50,000) in India.

Undergoing the procedure at Tata Memorial Hospital, doctors at the hospital have confirmed that Dr. Gupta is presently devoid of any cancerous cells, marking a monumental success in his treatment journey. He stands as the first patient to attain such a status, a feat unimaginable merely a year ago.

Dr. Hasmukh Jain, a hemato-oncologist and associate professor highlighted the remarkable progress, stating that while it's too early to claim a lifelong cure. He emphasized the need for caution, noting that it's still too early to ascertain the definitive success rate of the therapy. He explained that while initial findings hint at improved survival prospects and reduced remission rates for patients in the early stages of cancer, more comprehensive research and data are required to gauge its long-term efficacy.

The success story of Dr. Gupta exemplifies the transformative potential of CAR-T cell therapy, offering hope to countless individuals battling cancer and reaffirming India's strides in medical innovation and accessibility.



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