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Make healthy eating a way of life

Nutrition is the most important component of our body growth and health. It is due to a sound diet and healthy eating habits that we are able to provide the required energy and essential nutrients that our body needs everyday.

We all should keep in mind that the amount and types of food we eat is balanced according to our body type as every body demands a different set of diet.

It is estimated by the FAO in the “The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World”, 2020 report that 189.2 million people in India are undernourished i.e. 14% of the total population.

Why is nutrition important?

As the famous saying says, “You are what you eat”. It’s crucial to keep a track of what you eat in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Increases your energy levels:

After eating a bunch of junk food one might experience a sudden jolt of energy and then after a very short time feel completely exhausted. It is advised to avoid or reduce the consumption of unhealthy foods and fuel your body with other nutritious options. It’ll increase your energy levels throughout the day and you’ll be able to focus more on what’s going around you.

Boosts your immunity:

A strong immune system is required to keep a person healthy. By practicing good nutrition, you’re consuming natural and healthy foods which helps your body to improve your immune system. Eating healthy is one way to support your immune system, therefore it is also essential to be mindful about other lifestyle factors which may affect the immune system.

Maintains a healthy weight:

Being active and consuming a balanced diet has a positive effect on your weight. Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight is important for our overall well being. Consume healthy snacks instead of processed foods and always keep a check on the portion sizes.

What does a balanced diet consist of?

To consume a balanced and healthy diet, you daily plate should be able to furnish your body with the following:

  • Carbohydrates

  • Proteins

  • Fats

  • Vitamins and Minerals

  • Water

  • Roughage

What to eat to achieve these nutrients?

Carbohydrates: Oats, whole wheat bread, ragi, rice, potatoes, fats and oils, honey, jaggery, etc.

Protein: Eggs, chicken, mutton, fish, milk, curd, cheese, buttermilk, soybeans, grams, groundnuts, etc

Vitamins and Minerals: Coloured fruits and vegetables, nuts, legumes, dairy products, etc

National Nutrition Week

To create awareness among people about the importance of balanced diet and nutrition, the National Nutrition Week is observed. The main objective of the week is to identify and tackle community level health issues faced due to improper nutrition.

The theme of the year 2020 is ‘Eat Right, Bite by Bite’ and is observed from 1st – 7th September to make people focus on healthy living through proper nutrition. It is important for us to understand what we eat affects not just one aspect of our health, but contributes to our overall wellness. Good nutrition is the base or the first step towards a healthy lifestyle.



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