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The right nutrient scoop for kids

Nutrition is a crucial aspect of every kid’s growth and development whether it’s a toddler or a teen. Children’s nutritional needs should be taken care of separately and more carefully as they are different from those of adults. What a child eats in the early years determines how healthy an adult he/she will grow into.

As a parent you must have heard that you should give your kids a ‘balanced diet’. As simple as it may sound, parents often struggle to find the right balance of nutrition and taste that the kids would love to gobble. So here are a few nutrient dense foods you can include in your child’s daily diet to ensure they grow and develop at the right pace.

Right amount of protein

Choose seafood, meat and poultry, beans, soy products, nuts and seeds, etc. in their diet to meet the daily protein requirements. Consuming the right amount of protein helps in building muscles, aids in cell growth, and strengthens the immune system.

Include a rainbow of colours

Encourage your child to eat a variety of fresh, canned or dried fruits rather than fruit juice. Among the vegetables include leafy greens, beans, peas, red tomatoes, carrots, etc. in their plate. Fruits and vegetables are packed with vital nutrients which are of great importance for your kid’s growth and development. They help to enhance the immune system, combat certain health issues in the long run and also maintain overall well-being.

Power of grains

Whole-grains are a great source of fibre, protein and carbohydrates. Incorporate whole-grains such as oatmeal, whole-wheat bread, brown rice, quinoa, etc. and limit refined grains such as white bread, pasta, etc.

Dairy delight

Milk and milk products like curd, cheese, buttermilk, etc. can be included in their meal plan for their proper growth. They contain a variety of essential nutrients, including vitamins such as vitamin A, D and B-complex as well as minerals such as calcium and phosphorus (for skeletal growth).

Get the right fat!

Not all fats are bad, the problem is when one eats too much fat or too less of healthy fat. Fat fuels the body and helps to absorb fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K). As long as you are including healthy fats in your child’s diet you need not to worry. You just have to be smart and include healthy fats from foods such as fish, nuts, seeds, olive oil, etc. Other than this limit your child’s intake of foods with saturated and trans fat as they can raise the bad cholesterol level.

Today, many kids consume food products high in fat which can lead to unwanted weight gain. Kids who are overweight are more likely to develop chronic health issues in their adulthood.

Sugary treat

Too much sugary foods can make your children feel full and leave less room for healthier foods. Consuming too much added sugar may cause tooth decay and increase the risk of diabetes and obesity. Therefore it’s best to limit your child’s intake for foods with added sugar such as sodas, candies, pastries, cookies, some fruit drinks, etc.

Some tips to make a healthier shift in your kids diet

Involve your kids in shopping groceries and let them select foods of their choice to eat. Most of the kids fuss over eating vegetables but if you make the dish appealing they will definitely enjoy eating them. Here a few recipes you can try to do the same:

1. Boiled egg sub


  • Boiled eggs

  • 2 slices of whole wheat bread

  • Sliced tomato

  • Lettuce


  1. Cut the boiled eggs into slices

  2. Place them on one slice of bread

  3. Layer the eggs with sliced tomatoes and lettuce leaf

  4. Place the other slice of bread on top of this layer

  5. Serve with ketchup or mayonnaise

Ideas to make the sandwiches appealing

  • Include some ingredients your kid loves to eat while ensuring the flavours go well

  • You can serve/pack a fruit along with the sandwich to make it a nutritious meal

  • As bread can be dry at times, you can also pack some fruit juice with it

  • If serving it at home, try to be creative and decorate the plate to make it look attractive

2. Antioxidant smoothie


  • 1 cup fresh strawberries, raspberries, blueberries

  • 1 cup yoghurt

  • 1 banana

  • Crushed ice (optional)


  1. Blend the berries, yoghurt and banana together until you get the desired thickness

  2. Serve fresh and garnish with mint leaves

You will get unlimited tips on how to feed your child a nutritious food. But, by encouraging healthy eating habits you can help your child to get the right nutrition and optimal growth.

Disclaimer: Indian Health Bureau does not claim any responsibility for the information contained in this article. The information may not hold good for everyone. The post is for general awareness only and should not be construed as a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Please consult your doctor to know what is good for you.



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