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Covid-19: Five tips to deal with mental stress

In this time filled with uncertainty, stress is obvious. Now, how you deal with it may depend on what is bothering you – whether it is business loss, job loss, salary cut and / or health concerns. There is no one formula for all but yes doing the below five things may give you a good relief. 1. Think positive – Everything comes to an end. COVID-19 will come to an end too. Sooner or later everything will be alright then. Remember, it’s not just you who is going through this ordeal. There are many like you. 2. Make a plan – Introspect and try to discover your true potential. Ask yourself what different or more you can do to cover the loss once things start getting back to normal. Start working on it, right from now, if possible. 3. Reduce news consumption – Consider reducing the news consumption if you are watching news channels, reading newspapers or following social media a lot. It may add to the stress. 4. Stay connected – Keep talking to your families and friends. Preferably, do a video call. Further, sorting out indifferences with the ones not in a good relationship with can be a good thing to do. It shall give you a lot of mental peace. 5. Get Involved – Get involved in the household chores. Do sweeping, brooming, washing, cooking and so on. It can be a good time pass. Sitting idle can be stressful.

Disclaimer: Indian Health Bureau does not claim any responsibility for the information contained in this article. The information may not hold good for everyone. The post is for general awareness only and should not be construed as a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Please consult your doctor to know what is good for you.



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