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India Set to Attain a 30% Decline in Tobacco Use Rates by 2025

India is making significant strides in reducing tobacco use, with the World Health Organization (WHO) reporting a projected 30% relative reduction in prevalence by 2025 compared to the 2010 baseline. This positive trend is attributed to India's commitment to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).

Globally, 150 countries are successfully curbing tobacco use, but the WHO warns that the world may fall short of the 30% reduction goal, achieving only a 25% relative reduction by 2025. This underscores the need for sustained global efforts in tobacco control.

India's strategies align with international best practices, encompassing strengthened tobacco control laws, regulatory enforcement, tax measures to reduce tobacco product affordability, improved access to cessation services, and vendor licensing for tobacco product regulation.

Continued efforts and progress monitoring are crucial to ensuring a sustained decline in tobacco use and associated health risks. Public health organizations and advocacy groups play pivotal roles in this endeavor by fostering awareness, implementing effective policies, and supporting individuals in their journey to quit tobacco use. The collaborative commitment to these strategies enhances the likelihood of achieving and exceeding global tobacco reduction goals.

Sources - Times of India



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